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21 Jul

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Deciding on a Color Scheme for your Joomla! Site

Color theory is a massive subject in its own right! But often, the colors in your site can be based on your main image. The image you have decided to use that will be part of the ‘look/feel’ for your design.

One thing I always remember, and you can look at any colorful garden to check this out, is that nature never clashes. Nature puts some of the most outrageous colors together without a problem despite our human rules.

Usually I will use a color picker to check out colors in an image, but here is an online tool that will do the job quickly for you.
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14 Jun

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Help! All my Joomla! Articles/Plugins/Modules have disappeared

New Joomla! Users Tips & Tricks

I bet they haven’t! Joomla! Admin backend remembers what you last did whilst you are working with it. So, for example, if you were editing an article in one of your specific sections or categories and chose to look for it by using a filter, when you go back to Article Manager it can look as though all the others have disappeared. Just put the filters back to ’select section’ and ’select category’ and you will see them.

The same can happen if you look for plugins and modules in their managers. You might have looked for all modules in the left position, you might have looked for all ‘content’ plugins – just remove the filters and the others will reappear.

Filters are a great way to find what you want quickly – but remembering that you used a filter can save those panic moments when you think everything else has been lost for ever.

16 Feb

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Top 10 SEO Improvements for Joomla

An excellent top ten list from the well recognized Joomla! SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Experts at Alledia. Very wise words. Simple tips that hopefully we all use but if you are new to Joomla they make take a few years to discover on your own!

Check out the list by clicking here to go to Alledia