May 09 Flash Students

May 26th, 2009 Kat Posted in Flash Advanced, Flash FX Part 1, Flash Intermediate, Flash Intro, Student Projects | 16 Comments »

We are having another fun-filled session at LVS! We would like all of our Flash students to show off their weekly Flash work. Please provide the URL of your assignment movie and a brief explanation of what you learned in the lesson. Be sure to mention which class you are in – Flash Intro, Flash Intermediate, Flash Advanced, or Flash FX Part 1.

Happy Flashing!
Kat and Frieda :)

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16 Responses to “May 09 Flash Students”

  1. David Yanke Says:

    I’m in the Flash Intro Class and I had a wonderful time in week 1. I learned so many things and it only took 1 weeks work. I can’t wait to learn all the others things that are in Flash. I LOVE FLASH!!!! :-)

  2. I am in the Flash Intro Class. I learned how to use instances to the file size of the fla file.


    Flash Intro/Week 3

    We began learning how to use animation!

  4. Sue Francis Says:

    I am in the Flash Intro class. This is my week 1 assignment – I learnt how to draw and transform shapes, how to fill them with gradients (I love that effect)& virtually everything else you see as I am a complete beginner.


  5. David Yanke Says:

    I am in the Flash intro Class and Week 3 was really cool. I loved using in-between frames.

  6. Sue Francis Says:

    This is my week 2 assignment for the Flash intro class. I used a pen for the first time ever! I can’t say I can use it well, but I’m confident enough to actually practise now. (My clouds were made with a pen).
    Apart from that, I learned about symbols & layers.

  7. Hello,

    I am in advanced class.
    week 1: I worked with Timeline Effects
    week 2: I worked with Behaviors


  8. Here is my week 3 assignment for the advanced class. We worked with action scripts and I learned to create a scrapbook and to create an “all Flash Website”


  9. David Yanke Says:

    I am in the Flash intro class and I had a blast working with motion tweens. This is my week 4.

  10. This is my week 3 work from the intro class. I learned how to make frame by frame animations this week. It was our first attempt at making a movie instead of just a page!

  11. Week 5 in the Intro to Flash introduced us to creating buttons then making them more interesting by modifying the look of each in the UP-OVER-DOWN states and adding sound. I learned to attach an “action” for each button to perform when “released”.

  12. Here is my week 4 assignment for the advanced class.
    I learned how to install and run Custom Commands.

  13. In the intro class we were introduced to motion and shape tweens. We learnt how to use shape hints to help control the look of the shape tweens.

  14. Final Week in Flash Intro!

    Buttons again, but using javascript to enable “popup windows”.

    Published the movie to an HTML file: modified the code, added some text and tested in a browser.

    Very cool class. I look forward to next time!

  15. In week 5 in the advanced class I learned about Components

    In week 6 I learned to load a picture into a Textfield,
    to import PDF files and to use CSS Styles in Flash


  16. In week 5 of the intro class we made Flash buttons that linked to websites, then in week 6 we used javascript on the same buttons & then learned how to publish & edit the html page to display them.

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