March 09 Flash Students

March 14th, 2009 Kat Posted in Flash Advanced, Flash Intermediate, Flash Intro, Student Projects | 11 Comments »

We have a great bunch of Flash students again this session! We ask all of our Flash students to show off your weekly Flash work. Please provide the URL to your assignment movie and give a brief explanation of what you learned in the lesson. Be sure to mention which class you are in – Flash Intro, Flash Intermediate, or Flash Advanced.

Happy Flashing!
Kat and Frieda

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11 Responses to “March 09 Flash Students”

  1. Hello,

    I am in the Intermediate Flash course. We learned this week about masks, motion guides and reverse animations – great tools, and I can see how you could be so creative with these!


  2. Hi there.. I am in the Flash CS3 Intro. Here’s the URL to my week 1 assignment:


  3. Hi,

    I am in the Flash Intermediate Class.
    Here is the linl to my week 1 assignment


  4. Lise TL Ordrup Says:


    This week we learned about labels and comments, and about understanding scenes and goto buttons.
    In the movie I have used some photos of flowers from my garden….hope you like them :-)

    Here is the link


  5. Hello,
    I’m in the class “Intro to Flash” and here are links to my assignments:

    The second week assignment (.SWF) is posted here:

    and my third week assignment is here:

    Thanks for looking,

  6. Ooops.. I forgot to add some comments. In week 3 we learned how to animate frame by frame and using only instances of symbols we created ourselves.


  7. Hello, I’m in Flash Advanced Class. It is a fun class. Here are my work for week 1 – 3.

    (You can select either html or swf file link to view.)

  8. This week I learned about Graphic Symbols and Movie Clip Symbols. The Movoe Clips will make it easier for me to keep the main timeline organized. A good thing to learn. I enjoyed this lesson……it was a lot of fun :-)

    Here is the link to my week 3 assignment


  9. Greetings: Well I am in the Intermediate class and have found it just as enjoyable as the Intro class and at times a bit more challenging. This is my first post since being in the Intermediate class, I can’t believe we are already at week 5 YIKES!!! I really am glad I am taking these classes I like having the structure and the assignments otherwise I am not sure I would be at this point in the learning curve.

    Geesh let me think back here.

    Week 1 involved learning masks as well as object path guides.
    Week 2 was adding comments to the timeline and using scenes.
    Week 3 Animated graphic symbols was a lot of fun!
    Week 4 was also a really good lesson. I had some challenges with it but learned a lot about adding sound files. FINALLY! we have SOUND!!! YEAH!
    Manipulating sound files was also a lot of fun. Also working with actions helped a lot with the animation. I’m finding the lessons to really be meat and potatoes now and there is so much to learn.
    I have said this before and will continue to say it. THESE CLASSES ARE AWESOME!!! Kat and Freida are generous with there time and quick to respond to questions and they are both always upbeat and helpful. I’ve been a graphic designer/illustrator for more than 25 years and will be the big 50 in July. I am very grateful to be taking these classes and plan to take them probably for the remaining days of my career.

  10. The lessons just keep getting more and more fun! This week we had to have 3
    scenes (preloader, main, clips) with minimum content in each scene, and the
    movie’s animation residing inside the movie clips, each movie clip also had to contain the buttons, and a sound file and the appropriate actions.

    One thing i must mention is the additional lessons learned outside of the syllabus. The lesson of discovering ones own errors and problem solving the glitches along the way. Sometimes on your own and some times with the help from the instructors Kat & Freida. You can learn this material on your own by buying books and reading blogs etc. But it’s really nice to have the lifeline of an experienced instructor to make the road to learning Flash a pleasant one.

    As always THANKS!!!

    George Heath

    Here is my movie for week 5

  11. Lesson 6 and the Intermediate class completed PHEW!!!

    Once again the fun just continues. I enjoy learning this program so much! I am totally looking forward to the Advanced class.

    This lesson we had to create a drop down menu using the with action
    targeting 3 movie clips and a basic preloader within the main timeline of the
    movie. It seemed like a lot at first but as usual the instruction and well written lessons make it so much less threatening. And to have all of this material cataloged to reference back on is also incredibly valuable,

    The fee for these classes blows me away. You can’t buy a book for what this class costs. And having Kat and Freida just an email away is a BARGAIN BEYOND BARGAINS AS WELL AS A COMFORT!


    Here is my final movie group for the Intermediate class.

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