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Most people affiliated with LVS know that not only am I partner with LVS Online Classes, but I also I teach the Flash classes. Flash classes started back in 2000 with version 4. Flash was the big buzz back then and Vikki and I were in awe of it – the things e could in Flash amazed us! We wanted to share this awesome program with our students so developed the Flash 4 Intro class. Soon, Flash 5 was released and we created Intro lessons for that version along with an Intermediate class due to so many aspects in Flash. Our Flash students were telling us they wanted more, more! So we brought on Becky as our assistant – who started out as a student. We knew she was very smart because she’d try to submit assignments with a lot of “work ahead” or “not discussed” yet features – which as all of our Flash students know, this is a big no-no! The slaps on the wrists and the whips with the wet cyber-noodle didn’t phase Becky too much – she found creative ways to get around our rules ;) So – as they say, if you can’t beat ‘em – join ‘em! We recruited Becky and soon we had her helping us write more Flash lessons.

Vikki got busy with her Build Your Website, CSS, XHTML/SSL, and Homesite classes so it wasn’t easy for her to keep up with Flash. As much as she hated to give up Flash classes – she knew it was for the best and soon it was just Becky and I – so along came the Flash Actionscript classes (Becky’s a natural). Still, students wanted more – and we wanted to to see more creative stuff – so we developed the Flash FX classes (Part 1 and Part 2). These are a huge amount of fun – but due to the complexity of Flash – assignments do take considerable time to review – what with 7 Flash classes Becky and I had trouble keeping up – so now it was Frieda to the rescue, who also began as a Flash student.

Frieda was a huge joy to have in class – her enthusiasm shined through and was very positive about everything. Her attitude was refreshing and a pleasure to have in class. At some point she mentioned that she had taken 2 college classes in Flash – but neither could compare to our Flash classes here at LVS (not that we are bragging or anything). But, the difference is, we are not in it for the money – as it is for most of the instructors at LVS. I’m sure you can understand that because we don’t charge much for classes – none of the staff is going to “get rich quick”! We teach what we teach because we enjoy the topic we are instructing and enjoy sharing our knowledge. Our real reward comes from our students journey in learning and the appreciation that is shown on completion.

Our communication with students in the first couple weeks of Flash class is usually about how they don’t know the program but have wanted to learn it for so long. A lot of students relate to us that they feel Flash is too complicated but want to give it a try, with not much hope of succeeding. By the end of the 6 week class our students so happy with the progress they made – they go from not knowing what a keyframe or a motion tween is to creating logos, interactive buttons and interactive websites by the time they finish the class.

Another difference between LVS Flash classes and classes at a brick and mortar school is the support that our students receive. But don’t take my word for it – check out the reviews posted by some of our students.

Well – now we are at a new version of Flash – CS4 and due to the considerable differences in this version, once again new lessons need to be written. Becky has moved over as the instructor to the Build Your Website II class and her full time job limits her time to delve into Flash. So, it will be Frieda and I writing the new lessons for CS4 – we hope to have it ready for the May session. Be sure to watch the updates that are sent to the LVS mailing list – or keep an eye on this blog.

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  1. I can’t remember how long ago it was that I first took a flash class at LVS Online. I am guessing it was 2002! It sounds like it is time to come back for a refresher to take advantage of the all of the changes with CS4. :-)

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