Computer Graphics Starting with GIMP Online Class

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Gimp Online ClassThe Gimp online class is all about images that you see, create and use in various ways on your computer. Whether you are retouching photos for the family, creating artwork for the web, or doing fine art professionally, the Gimp online course will be a good starting point to working with images on the computer. We’ll start out with some very simple exercises and grow from there. By the end of the class, you should be able to create simple images in the GIMP program (and maybe not so simple!). You should also be able to import images into the program. You will also be able to manipulate images to be able to use them in various ways and you’ll know why certain manipulations are needed for various tasks. Along the way, you’ll try out some of the cool things you can do with the GIMP.

Lesson 1

  • Explore some basic differences between images on paper and images on the computer.
  • Install the GIMP.
  • Create and save a simple drawing file.
  • Learn to do a simple PNG export.

Lesson 2

  • Begin to work with:
    • layers
    • selections
    • uniform and gradient fills
    • stroke
    • erase
  • More PNG options for exporting your work.
  • Learn to export to the GIF format.

Lesson 3

  • Open a photograph and do simple editing:
    • crop
    • rotate
    • resize
    • Learn to export to the JPG file format.
  • Compare the capabilities and uses of different file formats.

Lesson 4

  • Adjusting photos- the bare basics:
    • color
    • contrast
    • lighting
    • saturation
    • sharpness
    • red-eye

Lesson 5

  • Add text to images
  • Use some of the many brushes included in the GIMP

Lesson 6

  • Putting it all together.
  • Customizing the GIMP to work for you.

Val Perkins is the instructor of the Computer Graphics Starting with GIMP Online Class. Val is a teacher, musician, author, illustrator, and nurse. She has actively taught for 20+ years and has authored and illustrated her own Sunday School curriculum for preschoolers. Val communicates across a broad audience range.

Over the years, Val P. has taught music, sailing, canoeing, Spanish, English as a second language, introductory nursing skills, and several other strange things. She took her first computer course in 1974 when she also did her first computer graphics project- printing dragonflies and butterflies in x’s and o’s on a teletype machine. After that, she thought she was done with computers until in 1980 she married a computer engineer. Their first major purchase as a couple was a home computer and the rest, as they say, is history.

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  1. Do you still offer this class on Gimp? If so, how does it work and what does it cost? Is it all individual?

  2. Yes, the class is still offered. You can read the course description and register for it here:

    The lessons are online and your interaction with the instructor and fellow students is done on a dedicated message board within the classroom. The cost is $30.

    More info can be found at these links:

    LVS Admin

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